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BB Media Games provides professional services for web-based or multimedia games. We specialize in free games, flash game and online games.
BB Media Games Department is part of BB Media Ltd. This department has motivated, creative staff with exceptional expertise in game development and web multimedia.
Combining in-depth knowledge of contemporary trends in online games and superior vision of the future of the industry, we can accomplish any task no matter how complex.
We specialize in small footprint online games with enchanting scenarios, superb graphic and excellent gameplay.

Enjoy BB Media! Enjoy the party! Enjoy our games!


Stage One - Everybody wants a game of his own. A game to be proud of. ; Ideas, ideas, ideas - The team of BB Media generate ideas and discusses them. ; A Hero is born. ;The whole concept is beginning to emerge! ; The first draft – the start of a new game…; Mission, storyboard, interactivity, hero’s identity, all the details of the game. ; Rules of the game! ; Outlines and drafts of the characters and environment. ; Marketing Research and Technical Research

Stage Two - Adding identity to the characters. ; The making of the static characters in vector format and/or 3D look. ; First movements and navigation. ; Prototyping and elements. ; Marketing Research and Technical Research

Stage Three - Organizing resources behavior, art, audio and programming production. ; Documentation, packaging and testing.


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BB Media developed new fighting flash game which will test your dexterity and quick reactions - OVCATA


BB Media newly hatched Gordy’s Lunch – Primary goal of the game is to feed Gordy. A newly born baby dragon eats fireflies by jumping. Feeding himself Gordy gradually masters his ability to spit fire. Beware the nasty knight, whose primary goal is to kill our baby dragon.


Cheese Hunter – There is a mouse in Orlins’s house , which has always hunted cheese.
To stock a pile for winter’s days, please help her play the game.
Coming Soon

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